Inmigration Evals
Evaluación de Migración

If you have a lawyer/ attorney and you already started your process for either: VAWA, Hardship, Waiver or Uvisa you need a psych eval and I can help you with that. The reports are delivered from 7-10 days after the first meeting.

Expedite Reports Available

Emotional Support
Animal Letter

If you are struggling with a mental illness, with or without a specific diagnosis and your pet has been a really important factor for you to release stress, reduce symptomatology  and you need your pet with you constantly or you need your landlord to approve it. 

I can help you!

Individual Therapy

This is a space for you to re-discover yourself and find new ways to work around your current issues.

Couple´s Therapy

A space for you both to create a mutual understanding, regain confidence and become the couple that you wanted to be from the beginning. You can start this journey at any time. And is also an option for those who may be thinking of divorce.


Family Therapy

Family relationships can be sometimes stressful and difficult to handle, the daily interaction can damage the communication, so this is a safe space for every member of the family to speak up and be heard.